Read the following text carefully and then translate the underlined segments into Chinese. Your translation should be written neatly on the ANSWER SHEET. (10 points)

Mental health is our birthright. (46) we don’t have to learn how to be mentally healthy, it is built into us in the same way that our bodies know how to heal a cut or mend, a broken bone. Mental health can’t be learned, only reawakened. It is like immune system of the body, which under stress or through lack of nutrition or exercise can be weakened, but

which never leaves us. When we don’t understand the value of mental health and we don’t know how to gain access to it, mental health will remain hidden from us. (47) Our mental health doesn’t go anywhere; like the sun behind a cloud, it can be temporarily hidden from view, but it is fully capable of being restored in an instant.

Mental health is the seed that contains self-esteem -confidence in ourselves and an ability to trust in our common sense. It allows us to have perspective on our lives-the ability to not take ourselves too seriously, to laugh at ourselves, to see the bigger picture, and to see that things will work out. It’s a form of innate or unlearned optimism. (48) Mental health allows us to view others with sympathy if they are having troubles, with kindness if they are in pain, and with unconditional love no matter who they are. Mental health is the source of creativity for solving problems, resolving conflict, making our surroundings more beautiful, managing our home life, or coming up with a creative business idea or invention to make our lives easier. It gives us patience for ourselves. And toward others as well as patience while driving, catching a fish, working on our car, or raising a child. It allows us to see the beauty that surrounds us each moment in nature, in culture, in the flow of our daily lives.

(49)Although mental health is the cure-all for living our lives, it is perfecting ordinary as you will see that it has been there to direct you through all your difficult decisions. It has been available even in the most mundane of life situations to show you right from wrong, good from bad, friend from foe. Mental health has commonly been called conscience, instinct, wisdom, common sense, or the inner voice, we think of it simply as a health and helpful flow of intelligent thought. (50) As you will come to see, knowing that mental health is always available and knowing to trust it allow us to slow down to the moment and live life happily.


46. 我们不必一定去学习如何做到心理健康,这种能力植根于我们自身,就像我们的身体知道如何愈合伤口,如何修复断骨。

47. 心理健康不会去往他方。如同乌云可能蔽日,心理健康可能会暂时隐藏于视线之外,但它完全可以在须臾之间复原如初。

48. 心理健康使我们在他人陷入危难之时给予同情,痛苦不已时给予善意,无论对谁,都能给予无条件的爱。

49. 尽管心理健康是人们度过一生的一剂万能良药,但它又普通不已,因为当你需要做出艰难决定时,都可感受到它的存在。

50. 就像你会渐渐明白,深悉心理健康一直触手可得并且值得信任,使我们能放慢生活脚步,活在当下,幸福生活。


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