As we can see from the pie chart, it reveals the distribution of academic qualifications in the Internet industry. It is apparent that the percentage of people with a bachelor’s degree is 67.2%, which is amazingly high compared with that of people possessing a PhD or a MBA , whose proportion is 1.0% and 1.2% respectively.

  So what are the invisible and probable reasons behind the phenomenon reflected by the chart? There are many factors for the dramatic difference. Firstly, the advance of higher education allows increasing students to obtain college degrees, which in turn contributes to the prevalence of the

phenomenon. Secondly, that a group of people no longer regard academic promotion as an indispensable goal of their life is another decisive reason. With the severe competition in job hunting, a mass of students determine to obtain employment first rather than to further their studies. Thirdly, it is generally acknowledged that in the Internet industry, talents who can practice on the ground are more needed than highly educated talents who are more suitable in engaging in scientific research.

  The analysis above may reasonably come to the conclusion that college degree is essential for everyone in the future, and a vast amount of graduates with university degrees will flood into the market of Internet industry.







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